Rivertown Music Studio lesson run in two semesters, September through January and February through June. (Click here for our Summer Lesson Program.) However, registration is ongoing.  Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore early registration is recommended to secure the most preferable day/time, especially if there are siblings that need to be scheduled close together.

  • Rivertown Music's academic year consists of 2 semesters (18 lessons per semester). A student is responsible for the entire semester or for the remainder of the semester if starting mid-semester.  Students will automatically be enrolled in the following semester with the same payment plan, unless a formal notice is written to the studio director 15 days prior to renewal.
  • Rivertown Music has open registration and will be happy to begin lessons mid-semester (pending schedule availability). Tuition will be pro-rated for those students. Note: some group classes may not be available to begin mid-session and others (i.e. chorus) may have additional requirements prior to joining the class. Please contact the studio if you have any questions.
  • All lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. Lesson times cannot be reserved and students will not be able to start lessons until Rivertown Music receives the registration form and non-refundable registration fee.  Once those items are received, Rivertown Music will contact you to finalize lesson details.