+ What does my child need to bring for lessons?

Each child should bring a pencil, notebook for assignments and their lesson books. Your teacher will let you know what books to get after your first lesson.

+ I’m not sure if my child will like lessons – can we try a few to see what we think?

Yes. We have a 4-week trial offer which is perfect for parents who aren’t sure if their child will be interested. Lessons for the 4-week trial are pro-rated but your registration fee is waived unless you decide to enroll for more classes.

+ Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?

We understand that a piano can be a big investment. After all, what if your child doesn’t continue playing? Ideally, having a piano or a weighted digital keyboard at home is the best plan, but you can definitely start lessons on an electric keyboard. Many of our students buy small electric keyboards to practice on at home and then later decide to purchase a piano. We recommend a keyboard that has regular sized keys (atleast 64, 76 or 88 keys) and a touch sensitive response (a touch sensitive keyboard means if you press a key harder it will play louder and if you press a key softer it will play quieter.) Rivertown Music will be happy to offer assistance with selecting the right instrument for your child.

+ Can I observe my child’s lesson?

Yes. We have an open door policy and parents are welcome to join their child in the actual lesson room. Please note, however, that it is our experience that children are often more comfortable, open and outgoing during the lesson without parents observing. Some parents will pop in during the last few minutes of a lesson to have the instructor explain what the child needs to practice.

+ Can my 2 children share a class together?

It’s our experience that sharing a lesson with a sibling is not a good option. The lesson sharing may seem like a good way to save money but, in the end, it does more harm than good.

+ My child won’t practice – what should I do?

Firstly, please rest-assured that you are not alone! Struggling and battling with your child to practice doesn’t have to be a way of life in your house. Many people misunderstand “practice.” Practice is a learned behavior that takes time and expecting your child to know how to practice right off the bat is unrealistic. The instructor will work with you and your child to establish good practice habits and will also give you proven methods to help guide your child’s practice. Above all, remember to communicate your concerns with your child’s teacher.

+ I don't have any musical background – can I still help my child practice?

Yes. Even if you don't have any musical experience, you can always ask the instructor for advice on how to help your child practice. Parents who get involved in their child's lessons often find it rewarding and it's also helpful to the student. Above all, parent should be supportive and positive of his or her goals.

+ Do you have recitals and how much do they cost?

We offer several performance opportunities throughout the year. There is typically a small venue fee, but friends and family are encouraged to attend all performances and there is not fee to attend. Recitals an concerts are not mandatory but we do greatly encourage our students to participate. We understand that some students do not wish to perform publicly.

+ Do you teach adults?

Absolutely! We gear a lot of our programming towards school-aged children, however, we also love to work with adult learners! Adults will enjoy a more relaxed and professional environment to either improve their playing skills or to learn an instrument for the very first time. We are dedicated to enriching everyone's lives with the joy of learning and playing music. If you are an adult student and have specific questions or needs, please feel free to contact the studio.

+ Will you come to my house for lessons?

We find that the main reason our lessons are so successful is that they are held in a safe, well-equipped, professional environment, free of distractions like TV and siblings. Also, coming to a real music studio for a lesson helps the student realize that this is their special time for focused learning on their instrument, not an interruption to whatever is going on at home.

+ Do we have lessons at same time every week?

Yes, you have the same time and day each week for your lesson. Your lesson time is reserved every week just for you and cannot be taken by any other student. We know how important having a consistent and convenient schedule is for people, especially our busy parents!

+ How often do I have lessons and how long is each class?

Generally speaking students meet 1 time per week and stay for 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute sessions. Sometimes, we’ll recommend an additional weekly lesson for reinforcement and repetition; to learn about creating and obtaining goals; or if more time is needed with the instructor.

+ Are there a minimum number of lessons that I have to take?

All we ask for is a 15-day notice from the first of the month prior to withdrawal. This allows us time to adjust the teacher’s schedule accordingly. The only exception is after May 1st, at which time we will not accept any withdrawals because it's the end of the term.

+ What if my child doesn’t like their instrument and wants to try something else? Can we swap?

Yes. One of the many advantages of coming to a music studio where many instruments are taught, is the opportunity to try other instruments and instructors.

+ Can I change my time once I start my lessons?

Absolutely! We are happy to change your lesson time to another permanent time that’s available.

+ Can I start music lessons at any time of the year?

Yes, we have open enrollment all year.