Rivertown Music Studio offers an intimate experience for aspiring musicians. From our boutique studio, located in the heart of downtown Nyack, we pride ourselves in offering the best private music lessons to students of all ages. We believe that a fresh, innovative approach is key to getting students energized about the arts. Our unique, multi- sensory program uses varied resources, instructional options and performance opportunities to give students the best potential for success.

From our first private student in 1996, to the continuously growing studio of today, Rivertown Music Studio engages and motivates students of all levels, interests and abilities through creative and personalized teaching methods.

Our professional staff brings years of music education and performance experience to our students. We are confident in the quality of creative instruction that we will provide you and your family.


Our family has been with Rivertown Music for five years and in this time I’ve seen both our boys grow from absolute beginner pianists to confident performers! I recommend the studio for its nurturing atmosphere and outstanding teachers. We love the emphasis on sharing music with family and friends, and on allowing each child to develop their own musical interests. The studio is constantly evolving (latest addition is ensembles, students matched up with peers); I’d recommend it to everyone!

Catherine, Nyack, NY

My children have been with Rivertown for about 8 years. I watched their skills being nurtured and developed  by the thoughtful teachers from ‘twinkle twinkle’ to Beethoven sonatas. The love of music was fostered by adjusting the repertoire according to each child’s interest — classical and jazz for my son, and classical and pop for my daughter. That helped them overcome the inevitable lack of enthusiasm for practice.  I believe that musical abilities should be developed for a child to become a well-rounded human being and Rivertown Music is the perfect place for children to achieve that goal.

Alex, Nyack, NY


Our son, Johnny, has been a piano student at Rivertown over the past 6 years. Each step along the way has been exactly catered to Johnny’s level and musical understanding.  They are always encouraging and kind while gently but brilliantly instilling technique, theory, and composition. Mostly I love their core attitude that music is a joyful gift for sharing. It has been a delirious joy watching him grow as a musician and we are so grateful we found Rivertown Music!

Kerri, Nyack NY


Our son Alex has been attending Rivertown music taking voice lessons about 7 years now. He declared his first introductory lesson to singing with Chris as “quite pleasant “ and has never looked back. The staff at Rivertown is wonderfully supportive of their students. We have watched with pleasure many talents grow and evolve as Alex has. The parent body is a terrific and warm audience that make the students feel proud and appreciated at their concerts. We really enjoy being part of the Rivertown Music community. 

Eva,  Nyack, NY


“My 3 boys have been taking piano lessons at Rivertown Music since they opened about 8 years ago and it has been a wonderful experience for us all.

The teachers are great and they make learning fun. It’s a great combination of letting kids find the music that they like to play and yet also pushing them to challenge themselves and expose themselves to all music including classical music and jazz. For my kids, going to their piano lesson is never a burden or a chore.

Besides the lesson themselves, Rivertown Music is a community. Because we have about 5 recitals a year, the kids get to practice performing and also get to share their music with each other which is a great motivator. 

This is an excellent place to nurture music in a loving and encouraging way and I can’t recommend it enough!”

Abi, Nyack,, NY


My kids love their lessons because the teachers at Rivertown go beyond method books to help them find music that they love and want to play. With frequent opportunities to perform, they also have a goal to work toward. But concerts are fun, and low pressure—other students, teachers and parents are a supportive audience and community.

Betsy, Nyack, NY


Our son, Tyler, has been studying piano at Rivertown Music for more than six years and we cannot recommend the studio enough. Over the years, we have been impressed by Chris Yates' vision and professionalism, and we appreciate the care he has shown our son as he has developed into a skilled piano player. Recitals at Rivertown Music are an opportunity to share the results of the students' hard work in a supportive and relaxed environment; an approach that has allowed our son to become quite comfortable performing in front of an audience.  Tyler's teacher, Yan Falmagne - a talented and passionate musician -- has a genuine eagerness to help Tyler explore his particular musical interests, but continues to introduce him to new ideas as well.  He provides Tyler with guidance and tools to work through his musical challenges, and pushes Tyler forward while adeptly balancing the fine line between motivation and frustration.  Yan is always encouraging and positive (and fun!) and celebrate's Tyler's musical achievements along with him. We look forward to continuing on at Rivertown!

  Lisa, Jim & Tyler

“I have only been taking private and group lessons for a year and I have already moved leaps and bounds as far as my vocal abilities. I have become more aware of myself as a singer as well as a person. Not only has my voice improved (breathing and range), but I have developed skills in sight reading, performance edict, and tips on how to deal with nervousness.”

Allie, Student | Suffern, NY


“Having vocal lessons has made a huge impact on my life. Before having lessons I was afraid to sing and express myself in front of crowds, but because of the encouragement from my group and my teacher I was able to break through and lose the stage fright that I had.”

Bianca, Student | Valley Cottage, NY


“Brian has found an amazing teacher and a friend with his teacher. He has made terrific progress in his first six months of playing the piano, and most importantly, he actually looks forward to his lessons. He really enjoys learning the piano, and we are incredibly fortunate to have found a teacher who is so wonderful with young children."

Doug, Parent | Piermont, NY


"We were very fortunate to discover Rivertown Music.  My daughter was shy about wanting to sing, but Sarah has made her feel very comfortable and my daughter's confidence has grown so much because of her coaching. I don't think she would have ever auditioned for her high school play if not for Sarah's support.”

Eileen, Parent | Garnerville, NY


"My daughter has had a wonderful experience with her piano lessons. Her teacher knows just the right thing to do to keep her motivated. One of the most special moments we had was when she played Happy Birthday at her recital for her Grandmother's 72nd birthday. That was magical!"

Marie, Parent | Congers, NY



We’re so grateful to our students and parents who have taken the time to write about their experiences with us!

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