Let’s play together!!


We are very excited to continue our Ensemble Program this year, and look forward to a new year of making music together. Signing up for the 2019-20 program is FREE before September 10th*, and with no obligation! Classes can vary in style and size from 2-5 members, and will be hand picked in order to ensure the best possible experience for your growing musician. What direction will you take? What will your role be? Will you be the Pianist in a Jazz Trio? The Guitarist or Lead Singer in a Rock Band? Or maybe a duo or an a cappella group is more your style! Tell us what inspires you

$10 processing fee for applications submitted after September 10th.  Free with referral.

Registering for Ensemble Class is fast, secure and easy. Please complete one form per student. If you have difficulty completing the registration or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 845-405-3615. After receiving the form, we will contact you with your invoice. 

Student Name *
Student Name
If you have a friend or fellow musician you'd like to work with, please list here. If not, leave blank.
Please list musical styles in order of preference. (i.e., Classical, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Rock, etc.) If you’re not sure, instead write the last few songs you learned on your instrument, or songs/artists you like to listen to.
Primary Phone Number *
Primary Phone Number