Camp 2015 Wrap Up

Thank you for a rich month of musical and artistic fun! We had a great summer and look forward to next year!  Parents, we hope your children have shared with you, a bit of what they've learned and experienced but in case they haven't, here's a quick roundup. Campers began with movement and yoga, followed by engaging ice-breaker activities, then they were encouraged to release their inhibitions as we did pantomime, "mirroring", and circle-share improvisations. We introduced different genres of music and children learned about and expressed the emotions that these genres evoked. After lunch, the energy is high so we play capture the flag and other active outdoor games. Then at craft time we settled down to create and during this block of time we pull a students to have their private lesson. Arts and Crafts included painting "emotions in art", jewelry-making, puppets, and color shading. We then went to the big room to sing together, learning about breathing and vocal technique.  The songs we worked this summer were Do Re Mi (our warm-up song), Don't Worry about a Thing, Fly Me to the Moon, Simple Gifts, By Breath (taught to us by Hope Altkin) and Friendship (Cole Porter).  At the end of the day we'd gather our belongings, have a popsicle and enjoy many different "Popsicle Performances". Everything from live professional musicians to campers performing, even skits and jokes!  We hope to see you all again next summer, and please let us know if you'd like to try some private or group lessons this year.  Thank you for choosing Music and Arts!